With a 3: 2 against Bochum in that Europa League: 1. FC Union sits and holds Platz fünf – Sport

Urs Fischer wanted to be verbally aware of the words for the automatic play, which with their players are coming to this season, as if they were completely open. The whole of Mannschaf supported the press conference and the last trainer trainer of the Swedish Bierdusche des Tages. In order to qualify for the Europa League, I will be 1. FC Union at the same time as the season and Fischer will also be able to complete the final training without any further qualifications at the qualification. “Wahnsinn, fantastic, außergewöhnlich”, versuchte es der Trainer. “Aber also on Schweizerdeutsch gibt es nicht das eine Wort, που περιγράφει η κατάσταση.”

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