VDA-Logistik Award 2022: Continental on Platz 1

The Beim Forum Automobillogistik (FAL) in Friedrichshafen was awarded the Conti den VDA-Logistik-Award. The Jury hatte dafür gute Gründe.

Με το καπέλο “Rouchless Material Flow – Internal Supply Chains Becomes Smart” Conti die Jury überzeugt u wurde einstimmig zum diesjährigen Sieger gewählt. The jury was awarded a final End-2-End Solution. The “Touchless Material Flow” is part of the Continental Industry-4.0 Initiative and a special trainer for the continuously stable Wettbewerbsfähigkeit der Continental-Werke. It seems that the Office and Transparency in the entire internal material flow through the Industry 4.0 solutions, in combination with Lean Management, have been scaled.

Vernetzte Lossungen bei Continental

Up to 11 standardized technologies have been developed and implemented in 38 Continental markets. The vernacular solutions on the Continental are supported on the other side of the Sort- and Booking Station, the Wareneingangsprozesse nahezu vollständig automation. With a further solution, the Continental Complete Replacement Load, Components, based on a real-time download of the file and file, continuously and completely oriented in the storage space. After Auslagerung, Die Bauteile just-in-time mit Autonomen Mobilen Robotern (AMR) who loved Die Produktionslinien. A holistic Flottenmanager coordinates the entire internal Warenfluss und steuert all manuals and the automatisierten Transportsysteme.

Optimierungen in Echtzeit based on AI

Connectivity and Integration stand out in the development and implementation of all applications in the front line. In addition to generating the date – with the help of KI-based optimization in performance – for an effective internal Supply Chain. The Concept lists one entry for the development of general information, the manual manual reduces the internal material flow and bespoke processes of special ergonomics for the employee. “Gemeinsam’s is not enough, the digitalization of the internal material flow will be improved”, says Jürgen Braunstetter, Leader Supply Chain Management Automotive in Continental. „Ολλανδική Standardization and Connectivity all implemented Industry-4.0-Solutions have a comprehensive, Efficient and Flexible System for our work table. With this emphatic Concept, our team has a great idea for the vision of the “Rouchless Material Flow” geistet. “

ZF: Project Tasman

The Mit dem Projekt Tasman (Transmission Sequence Analysis) is a flexible KI-gestützte Systemlösung entstands. Sie serves zur Verarbeitung aller für die Montagereihenfolgeplanung most relevant Parameter in Echtzeit. Bei Tasman acts as an Eigenentwicklung, provided by the KI-Component des ZF AI Lab Saarbrücken and various SAP applications. It serves as the Base of the Plan in SAP aufbereitete Daten wie Kundenabrufe, File daten, Linienkapazitäten, Lieferrestriktionen undvieles mehr. The Eine Weiterentwicklung des “ZF AI Production Optimizer” shows the date of the optimal and absolute assembly sequence for Kurzfresthorizont. These Flexible Systems can be accessed through a limited amount of Herausforderungen – as well as Strings in the Supply Chain and Volatile Marking (Halbleiter) – to react, one by one, one by one

Automation of all material movements

VW Navarra produces the traditional nur ein Fahrzeug Modell (VW Polo) in Standort Pamplona / Spain. The file in the Herausforderung, on one of the several Montagelinie models produces different models and the Sequenzierungsprozesse for three Fahrzeugmodelle in the best Logistics systems to integrate. The Jury translates the Consent and Cost Reduction process – all of which are validated by the Automation of Logistics Processes – with a single price. Grundprinzip des Konzepts is the Automation of all materials in the supermarket.

Smarter Einsatz einer Flotte

In a single-storey supermarket, those of the most productive parts suppliers were prepared effectively. Through intelligent Einsatz an autonomous fleet Fahrzeuge will optimize flight detection. The new Pull Process, from the Montage Tact, is a realistic challenge for productivity, ergonomics and security. With the help of Picking Processes through the Ware to Person (G2P) workflows, a maximum optimization is achieved. The Durch die Standardization is a flexible and scalable Supermarket for the market, quickly, easily and efficiently with the best business performance.

VDA Logistics Award

The award VDA Logistik is a highly complex logistics service, which serves as a prelude to other companies in the automotive industry. VDA President Hildegard Müller: “The VDA Logistik Award is the Oscar” of the Automobillogistikbranche. In Zeiten zunehmender geopolitical Unsicherheiten and volatilen Entwicklungen muss die Automobilindustrie umso mehr καινοτόμα Lösungen, um Herausforderungen erfolgreich zu meisttern ».

Grundsätzlich gelte: “Die Zukunft is digital and for all vernetzter sein. Software, data and data generation, Autonomous vehicles – in all these areas Deutsche Autoindustrie will die after setting the standards and the tempo. Το φόρουμ Automobillogistik is through various Automotive Production, Logistics and Supply Chain Management the ideal arrangements, as well as the solutions to be found and the company for a comprehensive search. “

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