34-Zöller for more platform on the desktop

AOC CU34P2C 34-Zöller for more platform on the desktop

The 21: 9-Panel of the AOC CU34P2C is sent to the Monitor in the Bureau or Home Office. It is with 1500R krümmt und schafft 100 Hz Bildwiederholfrequenz. A USB-C-Schnittstelle with 65 Watt power supply is ready to use.

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With 34-Zoll Panel des AOC CU34P2C Liefert eine Auflösung of 3,440 x 1,440 pixels.

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The AOC palette is available for the Homeoffice Bestimmten P2-Monitor um das 34-Zoll-Model CU34P2C mit krümmten Display im 21: 9-Format. Der Unterschied zum bereits vor Zwei Jahren vorgestellten CU34P2A is located on the Zuätzlichen USB-C-Schnittstelle.

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The base of the monitors is one or three pages fast frame VA panel with 34 diagonal zones and a resolution of 3440 x 1,440 image points. Through the 9: 9-hour registration fee of the CU34P2C in the UK more places for additional windows or programs and more answers on the desktop and a quick download of the application. The 1500R Krümmung is located on the wide panel of the screen, so that the Blick on the underside of the desktop does not focus on the new. The overlay div is responsible for holding dimming the rest of the page. Auch die Höhenverstellung um 150 mm για την Ergonomie Beim Arbeiten.

The integrated VA-Panel with 8 Bit Color Solder brings the Verbs for IPS Panels to a sweet contrast. The Seine’s maximum Helligkeit is at 300 Nits.

The USB-C-Schnittstelle, which is available on the CU34P2C with HDMI-2.0-Buchse and DisplayPort 1.2, is not available in DP mode without taking into account the availability of USB-C adapters with a minimum of 65 Watts. The display is a USB hub with four ports downstream via USB-C or a USB-A upstream nutzbar port. Both USB ports can be downloaded from the links on the Displays page.

Playful for the Homeoffice

Like the Gaming-Monitor power of the CU34P2C eine gute Picture. Das krümmte Design und das breitre Panel prancing that Immersion beim Spielen. The image speed up to 100 Hz, Adaptive Sync has a reaction time of one millisecond MPRT for a smooth gameplay sequence. For the Audiowiedergabe sit the Zwei 3-Watt Lautsprecher at the Kunststoffgehäuse, the Hersteller for up to 85 Percent from RecylingMerial bestht.

The 34-Zoll-UWQHD AOC CU34P2C screen is a soft paint. This price is less than 569 Euros (UVP) per Hersteller.

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